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FOB Price:                  US $6620-7364/ Piece
Min.Order Quantity:   1 Piece/Pieces
Weight:                       500kg
Size:                            2000mm(L)*1500mm(W)*1600mm(H)
Productivity:              30~40pcs/min
Payment Terms:          L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T

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This fully automatic earband welding machine is mainly used for welding N95 masks, and it only needs one person to operate it. With a slicer and an edge banding machine, a complete mask can be produced. It can produce 20 masks per minute.

The device uses a touch screen to operate, which is convenient and fast, and the parameter settings can be clearly seen, and the device is equipped with a fault indicator, which can quickly find faults and solve them in time.

The parts of the equipment use well-known brands, such as Schneider, Siemens and AirTAC and so on. We can customize equipment according to customer requirements.

Before the equipment is shipped, we will carry out anti-rust treatment for the equipment and shoot the operation video to ensure that the customer can use the equipment normally.



Used for welding KN95 mask ear ropes, it can be used with slicer and edge banding machine to complete the production of the entire mask. Mainly used in the production of sanitary products, medical products, protective products and other industries.

Product parameter

Machine Dimensions





28 K


6 KW

Net Weight


Gross Weight




Gas source


Transfer Method

servo motor

Material specification



Non-woven cloth(The layer close to the face)


Non-woven cloth(Outermost layer)


Melt blown cloth layer


hot air non-woven cloth layer


Specification of nose bar


Ear band


Product details

earloop welding machine
Haojing Mask machine18

Mold Placement of the mask
Mainly used to place mask pieces and weld ear straps through conveyor belts

Haojing Mask machine19

Pneumatic scissors
Mainly used to cut ear ropes and work through compressed air

Haojing Mask machine20

Pressure plate
Pressure plate, there is a sensor here, if there is no mask, no pressure will be applied. If you have a mask, you can put pressure on the nose bridge of the mask here to facilitate the welding of the ear cords

Haojing Mask machine21

touch screen
Touchable operation panel, visual operation parameter setting

Haojing Mask machine22

Ear rope mechanism
The ear rope mechanism can adjust the tightness of the ear rope to help debugging


automatic cup mask machine
semi automatic flat mask machine
KN95 automatic mask machine
kn95 semi automatic line

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