Semi Automatic Mask Machine Kn95 Mask Machine Economical mask slicing machine

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FOB Price:                  US $8062-8837/ Piece
Min.Order Quantity:   1 Piece/Pieces
Weight:                        150kg
Size:                            1200mm(L)*600mm(W)*1210mm(H)
Productivity:              30-50 pcs/min
Payment Terms:          L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T

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This small slicer is a device developed by us to reduce transportation costs. Compared with ordinary slicers, it is smaller in size and occupies less space, which can effectively reduce customers' transportation costs.

Although the size of the equipment becomes smaller, its function and speed are not small. We put the mask printing and cutting knife on a mold to reduce the equipment volume. The mask slicer can produce 30 masks per minute.

The slicer is equipped with a waste collection device. During the mask production process, there will be fabric waste. These fabrics can be collected through our device without manual collection, reducing labor costs.

The parts of the equipment use well-known brands, such as Schneider, Siemens and AirTAC and so on. We can also change parts brands according to customer requirements.

The ultrasound of the equipment uses well-known domestic brands, which can not only ensure the service life of the ultrasound, but also make the edge sealing effect of the mask beautiful.

Before the equipment is shipped, we will perform anti-rust treatment for the equipment, and take the operation video, and also provide common equipment problems and solutions to ensure that customers can use the equipment normally.



1.Ultrasonic welding technology is adopted to make the finished products beautiful, hygienic and environmentally friendly.

2.The whole production line is automated, efficient and labor-saving from feeding, nose line insertion, edge sealing and cutting.

3.The frame structure is made of aluminum alloy, the whole line is durable, easy to clean, beautiful and so on.

4.Computer PLC programming control, servo drive, high degree of automation. High stability and low failure rate.

5.Automatic tension control of raw materials to ensure the balance of tension of raw materials.

6.The machine is compact, small in size and does not take up space.

Product parameter



Equipment size


Equipment weight


Equipment capacity

30-50 pieces/min

Equipment yield


Total power



220VAC 50HZ

Equipment failure rate


Overall air pressure


Material specification



Non-woven cloth(The layer close to the face)


Non-woven cloth(Outermost layer)


Melt blown cloth layer


hot air non-woven cloth layer


Specification of nose bar


Ear band


Product Details

Haojing Mask machine28

Mask roller
Mask roller, mainly used for printing and slicing masks

Haojing Mask machine29

Nose bridge mechanism
Mainly used to place the bridge of the nose

Haojing Mask machine30

Operation panel
Mainly used to start and stop equipment

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