Kn95 Mask Machine edge banding machine factory Single station edge banding machine

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OB Price:                  US $1271-1364/ Piece
Min.Order Quantity:   1 Piece/Pieces
Weight:                       80kg
Size:                            1200mm(L)*610mm(W)*1210mm(H)
Productivity:              15-25 pieces/min
Payment Terms:          L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T

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The manual edge banding machine adopts advanced ultrasonic welding technology. The operator folds the mask and places it on the abrasive tool, and gives a start signal. The subsequent actions are automatically operated by the equipment, and the ultrasonic waves are automatically generated to form micro-amplitude and high-frequency vibrations, which are transformed instantly It is heat to melt the material to be processed with embossing. One-person operation, stable equipment and simple operation.

Compared with the automatic edge banding machine, this equipment requires manual operation. Although the speed is slower, the edge banding effect is very good. It can produce 15 masks per minute.

The parts of the equipment use well-known brands, such as Schneider, Siemens and AirTAC and so on. We can also change parts brands according to customer requirements.

Before the equipment is shipped, we will perform anti-rust treatment for the equipment, and take the operation video, and also provide common equipment problems and solutions to ensure that customers can use the equipment normally.



Used for edge banding of N95 mask

Product parameter



Equipment size


Equipment weight


Equipment capacity

15-25 pieces/min

Equipment yield


Total power



220VAC 50HZ

Equipment failure rate


Overall air pressure


Product details

medical face mask making machine
Haojing Mask machine57

Mask mould
Mask molds are mainly used for edge banding of N95 masks and are formed at one time.

Haojing Mask machine58

Pneumatic pressure regulator
To ensure that the pressure is within the normal use range, use the well-known brand Airtac

Haojing Mask machine59

Ultrasonic wave
Important parts of equipment, mainly used for welding

Haojing Mask machine60

Connect the trachea for action


automatic cup mask machine
semi automatic flat mask machine
KN95 automatic mask machine
kn95 semi automatic line

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